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For your convenience, we have provided the following list of publishers as a reference so you can easily request your complimentary instructor's copy from the publisher. For those publishers who have a local representative, their contact information is included. If the publisher of the textbook/s you are adopting or considering for adoption is not listed below, please call the Course Materials Department at 619-594-7540 or email us at textbooks@darth.sdsu.edu and you will be provided with the information.

 PublisherSorted By Publisher In Ascending OrderToll FreeSubject AreaRep.Rep.'s phContact
Adlers Foreign Books800-235-3771All foreign language books published in other countries  mailto:info@afb-adlers.com
Cengage Learning800-354-9706Business, EconomicsMatthew Eeles619-302-9072mailto:rick.matthew.eeles@cengage.com
Cengage Learning 800-354-9706Math, Science, Statistics, ENS, NutritionAshley Kimel619-865-2673mailto:ashley.kimel@cengage.com
Cengage Learning 800-354-9706Engineering (In House Rep) Ian Angel866-349-2431 x4518mailto:ian.angel@cengage.com
Cengage Learning 800-354-9706Nursing, HealthJill Schnefer800-998-7498 x4763mailto:jill.schnefer@cengage.com
Cengage Learning 800-354-9706Hum, Foreign Lang, Comm, Art, Engl, Music, Edu, CFD, Psy, Anth, Soc Sci, CJ, HistLauren Merrill 619-384-7802mailto:lauren.merrill@cengage.com
Cengage Learning 800-354-9706CustomBob Schuh 858-901-4586mailto:robert.schuh@cengage.com
Cengage Learning1-800-354-9706Heinle & Heinle ESLMark Johnson619-913-1550mailto:mark.johnson@cengage.com
Cengage Learning1-800-354-9706Phil, Religion, Counseling, SworkDanielle Fabre 800-513-1046 x249mailto:danielle.fabre@cengage.com
Elsevier800-545-2522Health Sciences Edwin Rivera 800-453-7998 x5569mailto:e.rivera@elsevier.com
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