Sunday, October 19, 2014
SDSU bookstore
price matching guarantee
Now Offering price Matching For Purchases or Rentals & accepting Competitors' Coupons
Stack of Books   We will match the purchase or rental price on any textbook which is in-stock at any other local bookstore. The book must match ISBN, edition and condition (new/used), and must be in stock. International editions excluded.
We will also match the purchase price on new books available at online retail sites with the same ISBN and the same edition. International editions excluded. Online sites must be located in the United States and exclude consumer to consumer auction sites such as Ebay, the Amazon Marketplace and Shipping charges will be included as part of the cost of the textbook.

Simply provide the SDSU Bookstore with verification of the lower price offered, and we will be happy to match the price.

Textbooks are eligible for price matching prior to refund privileges expiring. See store manager for details. 

The SDSU Bookstore will also accept competitors' coupons.

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