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Textbook Rental Program

Save up to 60% off the price of a new textbook with Textbook Rental

Check for our fall classes coming Aug 16th.

NOTE: Rented textbooks are property of the SDSU Bookstore and must be returned by the end of the semester.


Textbook Rental - Frequently asked questions:

Q: Can I get a refund on a rented book if I decide I don’t want it or if I drop the class?

A: Yes. Refunds for rented textbooks will be treated in the same manner as refunds for purchased textbooks. Refunds are generally allowed the first week of a fall or spring semester (2 days for summer sessions).

Q: Why isn’t the book for my class available for rent?

A: Not all textbooks and/or courses qualify for rental. There are multiple factors that are considered, from how current the text is to the length of time an instructor can commit to it. The size of the class and how consistently it is offered are also factors. If, however, your book is not available for rent there is still an excellent chance that we have Used copies available. The SDSU Bookstore has the most robust used book program in the country.

Q: My instructor said Text Rental was an option for my class but the Bookstore didn’t have a Rental Copy when I got there.

A: The rental program makes a percentage of the total textbook stock for a class available in Rental. Students who shop early will be most likely to acquire rental copies as they will go fast. Rental copies will be shelved next to the copies available for sale. If you simply can’t find your rental book or want to ask if more will be available please go to the Book Information counter on the mezzanine of the Bookstore.

Q: Are rental books available through EZ Books?

A: Yes. If you choose to order your books through EZ Books, a service where the SDSU Bookstore pulls the books from the shelves for you, boxes them and waits for you to pick them up, you will be given a choice to purchase or to rent. If you choose to rent and all Rental copies have already been allocated we will try to fill your order with a Used book, which provides a 25% approximate savings when compared to the price of a new textbook.

Q: When do I have to return my Rental text to the SDSU Bookstore?

A: Before the close of business the last day of scheduled final exams each semester.

Q: What if I forget to return the book at the end of the semester?

A: The SDSU Bookstore will charge you the difference between the cost of your rented book and its replacement value (the retail price of a new textbook). In addition, you would be charged a late fee to help offset operational costs associated with delinquent accounts.

Q: Is it a better deal to rent a book or purchase it and then sell it back at Buyback?

A: Renting provides a lower out-of-pocket cost to students; however, in some cases, it can be more economical, ultimately, to buy a Used text (when it’s available) and sell it back at Buyback. Buying a New book, however, and selling it back at Buyback will generally be more expensive than renting. It is important to note that you can’t sell back a rented book at buyback. Rented copies are property of the SDSU Bookstore and must be returned to the store, not buyback. You will receive no money back for rented textbooks.

Q: Can I use a highlighter in my Rental text?

A: Minimal highlighting and marking is allowed. If marks are excessive (more than a few pages) you will be charged the difference between the cost of the rental and the replacement cost of a new book. A replacement fee may also apply.  

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