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eTextBooks - Thursday, September 30, 2010
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The SDSU Bookstore was the first college bookstore to successfully pilot an eTextbook program with CourseSmart in January, 2008.  Today, the SDSU Bookstore is the largest campus bookstore provider of etextbooks in the country.

CourseSmart was founded by 5 large Higher Education Publishers (Pearson, McGraw-Hill, Wiley, MacMillan and Cengage) in 2007.  Priced at about half the cost of traditional new textbooks and two-thirds the price of used books, eTextbooks offer significant up-front savings to students.  eTextbooks powered by CourseSmart have the same content as print books, include page numbers for following assignments, have search functions to locate topics, work on a PC or MAC, are available online or for download and have highlight, note-taking and printing tools.

eTextbooks from CourseSmart are subscription based, lasting for your entire one or two semester class sequence, and are not eligible for buyback.  Under certain conditions eTextbooks from CourseSmart are not refundable.

The San Diego State University bookstore has partnered with the publisher Cengage Learning to offer you access to:

• eBooks priced up to 50% off the list price of print textbooks.

• Individual electronic chapters that start as low as $1.99/ea. FIRST CHAPTER IS FREE.

• Additional study material.

All sales transactions are completed with a credit card at the CengageBrain website. See the Cengage Learning return policy for refund conditions and details.

Click here to make a purchase or to learn more about your options.

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The SDSU Bookstore has also piloted an eTextbook option from CafeScribe in August 2008. eTextbooks from CafeScribe are in Adobe eBook format and can be viewed on a PC or MAC.  CafeScribe titles have functions including highlighting, searching, annotations, note taking and also offer a social networking platform allowing students to share information.

eTextbooks from CafeScribe have no time constraints and do not expire.  eTextbooks from CafeScribe are not eligible for buyback.  eTextbooks from CafeScribe are refundable under the normal terms of the SDSU Bookstore refund policy.

CafeScribe and its parent company, Fourteen40 Inc, were purchased by Follett Corporation in March, 2008.  Follett is a privately held multi-billion dollar company in the educational marketplace.





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